Creating innovative bio-convergent technologies for better human life

연사 전상용교수 
소속 KAIST 생명과학과 
일시 2018.05.23 PM4:30~5:45 
장소 E16-1 양분순빌딩. #207 


Title: Bio-Nanomedicine Platform for Anticancer and Anti-inflammation Therapy

Speaker: Professor Sangyong Jon, Ph.D. (Department of Biological Sciences, KAIST)

Date & Time: March 21 (Wed), 4:30PM~5:45PM

Venue: YBS Bldg. (E16-1), Rm#207


There has been a surge of interest in the development of bio-nanomaterials or bio-nanomedicine for various biomedical applications, including drug delivery, tissue engineering, and biosensors. Some of bio-nanomedicine are already in the market or under development in great anticipation. In this seminar, I will give you an overview of what research effort or progress has been made in my lab in terms of nanoparticle-based nanomedicine for imaging and therapy of cancer and inflammatory diseases. The topics of my talk will include: (i) A brief overview of biomedical applications based on several bio-nanomaterials developed in JON Lab, (ii) Multistimuli-responsive nanoparticles for anticancer and anti-inflammatory therapy, and (iii) A platform technology for generation of cancer stem cells.


Keywords: Anticancer therapy, Anti-inflammation therapy, Bilirubin nanoparticles, Biomaterials, Cancer stem cells, Nanomedicine