Creating innovative bio-convergent technologies for better human life

연사 김 선 교수 
소속 서울대학교 컴퓨터공학부/목암생명과학연구소 소장 
일시 2023.03.15 
장소 양분순 빌딩 #207 



AI, especially deep learning, technologies have huge impact on various areas. Recent AI successes, such as Watson, AlphaGO, and ChatGPT, have already surpassed our expectations.  Beyond these usual everyday application areas, AI technologies have successfully applied in many professional areas such as chemistry and medicine. Prominent examples include Alphafold2 that solved de novo protein structure prediction problem, a 50-year-old open problem. Leveraging advances in multiple disciplines such as chemistry, biology, and medicine, we now have an unprecedented opportunity to advance drug discovery with AI technologies, leveraging recent successes in multiple disciplines.  I will discuss how much contributions AI technologies can make for drug discovery with research works from my lab. I wish to use last 10 minutes for feasibilities and strategies for interdisciplinary research in drug discovery and personalized medicine. In this context, I will also discuss plan for ambitious transformation of Mogam Institute for Biomedical Research, a 39-year-old leading biomedical research institute, to a new institute for AI-based Drug Discovery.


* The seminar will be held offline and online[] simultaneously.