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연사 류중원박사 
소속 KAIST 신경과학-인공지능 융합연구센터 
일시 2019.07.30(화), PM2:00~3:00 
장소 정문술 빌딩 (E16) 215호 

730() 오후2시에 KAIST 신경과학-인공지능 융합연구센터 류중원박사님을 연자로 BBE Special Seminar을 개최합니다.


이번 BBE Special Seminar에 여러분의 많은 참여를 부탁드립니다!



1.    : Functional Structure of Correlated Variability in Human Visual Cortex


2. 강연자 : 류중원박사(KAIST 신경과학-인공지능 융합연구센터)


3.    : 2019. 07. 30(), 2:00~3:00 PM


4.    : 정문술 빌딩 (E16) 215


5. Abstract :  


The cerebral cortex is a large-scale network, where processing units are intimately connected. In such interconnected networks, neural activities at local sites are likely to influence one another in complex ways and thus are intricately correlated. Recognizing the functional importance of correlated population activity in sensory coding, the neural activities arising spontaneously without the external stimuli have been studied via diverse local or global measures in various time scales. Here, measuring functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) signals in the human early visual cortex, we studied the structure of correlated population activity. Guided by the previously known biases in anatomical connection patterns, we evaluated the contributions of three relational factors to the correlated fMRI activitieshow far two sites are in the visual field and over the cortical surface, and how similarly they are tuned to visual features. We show that, although all factors have their own contributions in accounting for the pairwise correlations of the fMRI activities, the tuning similarity factors overrode the distance factors. Our findings indicate that the early human visual cortex is intrinsically organized as a multilayered network tuned to the stimulus features.