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연사 최명철 교수 
소속 KAIST 바이오및뇌공학과 
일시 2018. 8. 29. (수), 16:30~17:45 
장소 양분순빌딩(E16-1) 207호 

최명철 교수님_8월29일.jpg




1. Title : Molecular Machinery of Life: Microtubules and Membrane Rafts

2. Speaker : Professor Myung Chul Choi(Dept of Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST)

3. Date & Time : 16:30~17:45, August 29th(Wed.)

4. Venue : Rm#207, YBS Bldg(E16-1)___a.k.a Auditorium

5. Abstract: Cells are working by well-designed molecular machines for a variety of tasks: to transfer genetic blueprint, to define cell shape, and to transport nutrients. A variety of cellular functions including cell division, intracellular trafficking and maintaining and cell shape are attributed to the regulation of the assembly/disassembly of molecular machinery: microtubules and membrane rafts. Their dynamics stability are regulated by molecular switches such as GTP, microtubule-associated-protein (MAP) tau and anticancer drugs, and ion, etc. In this seminar, I will introduce the recent researches in my group about the control of tubulin architectures via 'creative destruction' of microtubules. Further, the recent study on the control of in-plane & out-of-plane membrane raft clustering will be presented. Insightful understanding in molecular driving force regulating molecular machinery in cell as well as medical implication will also be discussed in this talk.