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연사 고규영 교수 
소속 KAIST의 과학대학원/IBS혈관연구단 
일시 2018. 9. 12. (수), 16:30~17:45 
장소 양분순빌딩(E16-1) 207호 

180912고규영 (1).jpg

A department colloquium will be held on September 12th(Wed.)

1. Title :
Organ-specific Vasculatures: From Maintenance to Pathophysiology

2. Speaker : Professor Gou Young Koh (Graduate School of Medical Science and Engineering , KAIST / IBS Center for Vascular Research)

3. Date & Time : 16:30~17:45, September 12th(Wed.)

4. Venue : Rm#207, YBS Bldg(E16-1)___a.k.a Auditorium