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연사 박용근 교수 
소속 KAIST 물리학과 교원, 토모큐브 대표 
일시 2023.04.12, PM 4:30~5:45 
장소 E16-1 양분순빌딩 #207 

1. 제목: Holotomography and Virtual Biomarker: Organoids and Cell Therapy Applications

2. 연사: 박용근 교수 (Dept, Physics, KAIST / CEO of Tomocube Inc.)

3. 일시: 2023년 4월 12일 (수) 4:30~5:45pm


4. 장소: 양분순 빌딩 207호



Holotomography is a label-free high-resolution three-dimensional quantitative phase imaging (QPI) techniques1-3. QPI uses refractive index (RI) distributions as intrinsic imaging contrast for label-free imaging1. HT is optical analogous to X-ray computed tomography; multiple 2-D holograms of a sample are measured with various illumination angles, from which a 3-D RI distribution of the sample is reconstructed by inversely solving the wave equation.

When label-free and quantitative 3D imaging capability of ODT is combined with machine learning approaches, it can provide synergistic capability in bioimaging and clinical diagnosis. We will discuss the potentials and challenges of combining QPI and artificial intelligence in terms of various aspects of imaging and analysis, including segmentation, classification, and imaging inference3-6.



* The seminar will be held offline and online[] simultaneously.