Creating innovative bio-convergent technologies for better human life

연사 최종민 그룹장 
소속 삼성전자 무선사업부 
일시 2023.03.22, PM 4:30~5:45 
장소 E16-1 양분순빌딩 #207 



Smartwatches have various types of health sensors and solutions. They provide beneficial features for the users who are frequently using smartwatches. For example, the optical sensor which is called Photoplethysmograph (PPG) is able to capture heart rates on the wrist and it is meaningfully used for workouts like running, walking, cycling and so on. In order to collect valueable signals, sophisticated biomedical signal processing techniques should be implemented on the smartwaches. Based on the data which was obtained from the sensors, useful health algorithms should be running on the smartwatches. In this presentation, we will review these types of health sensors and algorithms which were already commericialized and can be built for the smartwatches in the future.



* The seminar will be held offline and online[] simultaneously.