Creating innovative bio-convergent technologies for better human life

연사 이대열 교수 
소속 예일대학교 
일시 2018. 08. 01. AM 11:00 
장소 양분순빌딩(E16-1) 207호 









KAIST Bio-IT Healthcare Initiative II – Bio-IT Inspiring Talk Series


8/1() 오전 11, 바이오및뇌공학과 KAIST Bio-IT Healthcare Initiative II – Bio-IT Inspiring Talk Series에 아래와 같이 예일대학의 석좌교수이자 지능의 탄생 저자이신 이대열교수님을 모시고 강연을 개최합니다.


1. 제목 : Future of AI: Is the brain a computer?

2. 연사 : 이대열 교수 (현 예일대학교 석좌교수지능의 탄생의 저자)

3. 일시 및 장소 : 2018 8 1 (11AM양분순빌딩(E16-1) 207 

4. 초록: Despite the widespread tendency to consider computers as a useful analogy for the human brain, there are many physical differences between modern-day digital computers and the brain.  Similarly, many researchers tend to consider the human mind analogous to computer programs, although this analogy is non-sensical without the analogy between the brain and computers. In my talk, I will explore what we might gain and lose from such analogies. When grounded on the current knowledge of neuroscience, this analysis will provide useful guiding principles in our attitudes towards the future artificial intelligence.