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1. 제목: Function of Noncoding DNA on Coding DNA: The Revolution in Human Genomics
2. 연사: 정인경 교수 (KAIST 생명과학과)
3. 일시: 2016. 11. 16 (Wed) PM 4:30 ~ 5:45
4. 장소: E16 정문술빌딩 드림홀
5. 초록
A large number of genetic variants associated with human diseases are found in non-coding DNA and may contribute to illness by affecting gene regulation, but mechanistic study of these variants has been hindered by a lack of information of their potential regulatory targets. In order to overcome this limitation, we generate maps of long-range chromatin interactions centered on 19,539 promoters in 27 human cell/tissue types, and use this information to infer putative target genes of candidate cis-regulatory sequences throughout the human genome. In addition to known enhancer-promoter interactions, we also confirm widespread promoter-promoter interactions and obtain evidence suggesting enhancer-like function for many promoter regions. These promoter-centered chromatin interaction maps corroborate target genes of genetic variants defined in previous genome-wide association studies, predict new target genes of many disease-associated genetic variants, and contribute novel insights into a broad spectrum of human traits and diseases.


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