Creating innovative bio-convergent technologies for better human life

Circulating Tumor Cell Research Center (CTCRC)

Circulating Tumor Cell Research Center is a Converging Research Center funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, where 192 researchers including 70 Ph.D.s are participating from 6 universities, 3 national research institutes and 6 hospitals.

Since 2011, CTCRC has focused on the personalized cancer diagnosis and prognosis prediction based on circulating tumor cells (CTC) and circulating cancer stem cells (CCSC) in patient’s blood. The research scope and topics on CTC/CCSC and have included: i) biological signature analysis and new bio-marker synthesis; ii) isolation, characterization, and In/Ex-Vivo culture with visualization; iii) nanobio-device fabrication and system development; iv) clinical sample validation and cancer diagnosis/prognosis evaluation.

CTCRC aims to develop an innovative cancer diagnosis and prognosis technologies based on CTC for their clinical applications to liquid biopsy and diagnosis, metastasis and recurrence prediction, drug response and resistance evaluation, and personalized target-oriented tailored therapy.