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우리학과 김철 교수가 공동으로 집필한 도서가 Elsevier Academic Press를 통해 출간되었습니다.


저서명은 High-Density Integrated Electrocortical Neural Interfaces으로 electrocortical neural interfaces 위한 하드웨어 시스템 디자인을 위한 방법을 기초부터 응용까지 설명하였습니다. 특히나, minimally invasive brain-computer interfaces를 위한 저잡음 저전력 집적회로시스템의 설계 방법론에 대하여 자세히 논하였습니다. 자세한 책의 소개는 아래와 같습니다. 


High-Density Integrated Electrocortical Neural Interfaces provides a basic understanding, design strategies and implementation applications for electrocortical neural interfaces with a focus on integrated circuit design technologies. A wide variety of topics associated with the design and application of electrocortical neural implants are covered in this book. Written by leading experts in the field, the book discusses basic principles and practical design strategies of electrocorticography, electrode interfaces, signal acquisition, power delivery, data communication, and stimulation. In addition, an overview and critical review of the state-of-the-art research is included. These methodologies present a path towards the development of minimally invasive brain-computer interfaces capable of resolving microscale neural activity with wide-ranging coverage across the cortical surface.


Key Features

  • Written by leading researchers in electrocorticography in brain-computer interfaces
  • Offers a unique focus on neural interface circuit design, from electrode to interface, circuit, powering, communication and encapsulation
  • Covers the newest ECoG interface systems and electrode interfaces for ECoG and biopotential sensing